Water-proof Corrugated Pipe Connectors
waterproof caonduit fittings



Metric thread size
Metric thread, PG thread, G(PF) thread
Product description
anti tensile strength, corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance and other characteristics, can be combined with the 1/4 “to 3” of the plastic corrugated pipe specifications.
Product color
 Black (B), gray (G), white (W). A variety of colors, please add the letter after the product, such as: MW16-10G-S gray, MW12-10W white, etc.
Working temperature
 -40℃-100℃ Short-term up to +120℃.
The A.C.F part is made of nylon UL approved by PA66 (fire retardant grade 94V-2 UL), B.D is made of rubber

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