Flexible Galvanized Steel Conduit With PVC Covered
PVC Coated Metal hose

The plastic-coated metal hose is made from the pipe wall of stainless steel hose and galvanized metal hose, and a layer of polyvinyl chloride material is used to cover the concave bread of the pipe wall.
Due to plastic coated metal hose weight light, flexibility and good connection with attachment strength, electrical properties and resistance to oil, splash water, etc, are widely used in electric power, chemical industry, metallurgy, light industry, machinery, etc.

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Product material: (inner) stainless steel hose or galvanized hose and special insulated handling;
(outer) PVC raw material (anti-uv, anti-aging)

Product color: Black, Gray other color optional
Working temperature: – 40 ℃ ~ + 160 ℃


1. The plastic hose has excellent waterproof, insulating and tensile properties.
2. PVC material is used on the plastic hose surface and fire retardant is added in PVC plastic.
3. The package plastic hose structure is single and double buckle, increasing the tensile strength, not breaking or deformation easily.
4. Flexible plastic hose with good bending performance and internal smooth construction. It is easy to pass through when wearing cable cable.
5. Plastic hose waterproof, oil proof, anti-corrosion, good sealing.
The product is beautiful, the structure is compact, widely used in precision instrument and instrument wiring, electric power, electric wire, plastic, rubber and so on line and electric protection.

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