Nylon Screw Plug

1.Product material:made of nylon PA66 approved by UL

2.working temperature: -40℃-100℃ ,Short time can be achieved +120℃

3.Product features:for the preparation of the hole in excess of Kong Saiping, so that the United States and the United States View, can be waterproof, acid and alkali, grease and other

4.Color: Black (B), gray (G).Order number is G-M12-G and so on.

5.Waterproof grade:no gasket IP67 installing gasket IP68

6.Suitable method:corresponding to the teeth on the device, with a word type screwdriver can be rotated to tighten

The corresponding equipment is suitable for the opening and the aperture, and is fixed on the opening with the nylon fixed nut and the waterproof rubber pad.