Metal Cable Conduit Fittings
matal corrugated conduit fittings

Supporting the locking cable connector, anti-wire loosening, internal locking fit the body of special design, loading and unloading only need no tools to plug, greatly reducing the installation time, clamping cable range, strong tensile strength, Acid and alkali, chemical resistance, the general solvent and other anti-corrosion properties, can be waterproof, dustproof. A full range of product sizes can be widely used in outlet holes in all areas.

Threads: metric teeth (Metric / EN50262), PG teeth, G (PF) teeth and US teeth (NPT).

Protection class: within the specified bayonet range, the use of O-ring tightening tight head, to IP67

Color: A.C.F.G part of the metal color, D is white, B.E is black.

Material: A.C.F.G part of the use of fine brass nickel plating, D part of the UL approved nylon PA66 made, B.E part of the use of EPDM weathering rubber. A variety of pore size, material of the rubber can be customized.

Operating temperature: -40 ℃ ~ +100 ℃ short time up to +120 ℃. (Product specifications, ROHS declaration, etc. can be obtained with the purchase of products requested)

After ordering the model should specify the corresponding hose NCT specifications, such as: FCC-M20 NTC-15