Flat Hole Nylon Cable Gland
Flat Hole
Flat Hole Nylon Cable Gland
This specially designed for flat wire cable fixed head, its fit function can be solved out of reach for average round hole sealing hole sealing, make flat wire strands can have complete and excellent waterproof sealing. This product all through 1000 hours of UV resistance and weather resistance experiment waterproof and applied ability remains the same. The products are acid and alkali resistant, Fuji resistance characteristics such as chemicals and solvents, a full range of product size can be widely used in all areas of the outlet hole.

Flat Hole Nylon Cable Gland

1.Thread specifications: Metric thread, PG thread, G(PF) thread and NPT thread.

2. Thread Length: Short thread hole is suitable for thin boards or with internal thread device, long thread is suitable for thick plate type machine.

3.Protection Level : Within the scope of the provisions of card buckle, and use of type O sealing screw tight tight head, achieve IP68-5 bar.

4.Color: Black, grey, blue, red, white, add letters after all sorts of color please contact with the product. For example: MA12-0207 Black and so on.

5.Fire rating: UL94V – 2. Level up to where V0 fire protection level.

6.With UL approved material:A.C.E.F part made of nylon PA66 (fire rating UL 94 v – 2), B and D part adopts EPDM weather resistance rubber. All kinds of aperture, material of rubber can accept customization.

7.Working temperature: – 40 ℃ ~ + 100 ℃ short time can be up to + 120 ℃. (such as product specification, ROHS declaration of all can with the request for after purchase of products)