EX Anit-magnetic Waves Cable Gland
EX Anti-magnetic waves Cable Gland

EX Anit-magnetic waves cable gland is a gland of a wire and cable, which is also a suitable cable for connecting the cable and also protects the cable, so it does not escape. The cable glands are placed in different categories depending on whether the glands are used in the general processing industry or need to be protected against the risk of excessive temperature or explosion. Into the glands of the cable armor or armor-free layer and a different type of gland will be required for the variety. Gland itself, can be made of metal, such as copper or aluminum, or plastic, the material is useful in different environments.

EX Anit-magnetic Waves Cable Gland

1.Thread specifications: Metric thread, PG thread, G(PF) thread and NPT thread

2.Product features: This product is specially designed, isolation in the use of wire and cable, can reduce low-voltage electromagnetic waves.

3.Protection Level: Within the scope of the provisions of card buckle, and use of type O sealing screw tight tight head, achieve IP68-5 bar.

4.Working temperature:    – 40 ℃ ~ + 100 ℃ (Geomagnetic),short time can be up to + 120 ℃.

5.Material: A, C, C1.F parts made from copper alloy plating nickel, with UL E part made of nylon PA66 (fire rating UL 94 v – 2). B and D part adopts EPDM weather resistance rubber.

6.More choices : According to the actual needs of customers, special customization of various

7.materials and sizes. Need to order when to inquire.