Aluminum Junction Box

Decorate in household in, the junction box is one of the electrical accessories, because decorate with wires through the wire and tube, and in the joint part of the wire (such as a long line or wire tube corner) use of the junction box for the transition, wire and tube connected to the junction box, the inside of the line pipe wire connected in the junction box, protect the wire and the connection wire, this is the terminal block.

Aluminum Junction Box

1.Purpose: waterproof junction box is mainly suitable for indoor and outdoor electrical, communications, fire equipment, steel smelting, oil chemical industry, electronics, electric power, railway, construction site, mining, quarry, airport, hotel, ships, large factories, coastal factories, terminal equipment, sewage discharge waste water treatment, environmental hazards, etc.

2.Material: Aluminum

3.The thickness of the casing, the box body average thickness 3 mm, the thinnest place important part thickness strengthen deformation (won’t), blunt strike intensity IK07 unbreakable (pressure); Flame retardant grade where V0. (highly resistant to bake, use for a long time not faded), light (according to convenient, also can move location).
4. The waterproof performance: the super waterproof, protection grade reaches more than IP67, even in the assignments with rain Also won’t fill, very safe.
5. Certification, product through the CE certification, material can do (such as environmental protection, flame retardant, UL material certification), the level of waterproof IP67 certification test pass
6. The service life of the waterproof box according to conventional materials in different environments are generally used in five years or so, if you have any add material flame retardant and anti aging agent [antioxidants life can reach more than 10 years. The thermal deformation temperature: – 40 ~ ~ 85 degrees.

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