Armored Cable Glands
Armored cable gland

Brass Nickel Plated Armored Cable Glands

Supporting the locking cable connector, anti-wire loosening, internal locking fit the body of special design, loading and unloading only need no tools to plug, greatly reducing the installation time, clamping cable range, strong tensile strength, Acid and alkali, chemical resistance, the general solvent and other anti-corrosion properties, can be waterproof, dustproof. A full range of product sizes can be widely used in outlet holes in all areas.

Brass Nickel Plated Armored Cable Glands

Certification:KOSHA IECEx (KOS IECEx 9.0018 x) KOSHA IECEx (KOS 9.0018 IECEx x) NEMKO ATEX (02ATEX) GOSTR (500X).

Regulation:according to the British BS, in compliance with the IEC and CENELEC, suitable for use in zone 2, zone 1, suitable for use in gas group, IIA type, IIB and IIC.

Protection: 22 GD / IIC Exd / Exe 2 / tD A Ex 21 / IP66 / IP67, rubber sealing ring of the allowable temperature: 100 degrees C (explosion), 120 degrees C (Russian state registered trademark).

Material: copper / Brass nickel / stainless steel.

Accessories:fastening nuts, gaskets, labels, different diameter pore, dust cover, rubber gasket, serrated washers, stop plug, reducer, adaptor.

Type of fixed head:(fixed head type / size & screw teeth) for example: 16A M16 / E1WF option: 18 mm thread.