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Are your cable glands tough enough for your enclosures?

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. And for industrial electronic enclosures that can mean the cable glands. Here’s how to specify the right one for your enclosures… Metal Or Plastic Cable Glands? Shengyang recommends nickel-plated brass cable glands for diecast aluminum enclosures or stainless steel cases. Specify Polyamide (PA) glands for non-metal enclosures manufactured…

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Wire Coverings for Cable and Wire Protection

Wire Coverings for Cable and Wire Protection From metal flexible pipe, to corrugated looms and fittings, Shengyang always has several styles and sizes of wire coverings in stock, perfect for protecting a multitude of automotive electrical wiring and electrical connections in any application. An industrial cable protector or wire protection prevents damage caused by wire vibration damage, abrasions…

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When to Use Flexible Metal Conduits?

When to Use Flexible Metal Conduits? Electrical conduit protects and routes electrical wiring. It can be made of many materials, including metal, plastic, fiber, or fired clay. There are flexible and rigid conduits available. The type of conduit used is determined through wiring regulations by national and local codes. When to use flexible metal conduits versus a rigid conduit…

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